About this site

About this site

Who develops the site content?

The information and advice on this site nurse-led and reviewed by UK Travel Health professionals .

Why was the site developed?

It is hoped that the information on this site will be used in the way it was intended, to promote health and safety for individuals travelling away from home.

Who is the information intended for?

The information and advice on this site has been prepared for a UK audience.  While the information is largely applicable for travellers from any country or background, some aspects might not apply.

Do I still need to see my GP?

This information does not substitute personal medical advice, and the author stresses that travellers must visit their travel clinic, GP or practice nurse prior to departure.

Advertising Policy and External Links

To help fund this website, we do allow selected companies and organisations to promote their products on our website. Our website hosts advertisement banners and sponsored links.

Every effort is made to ensure that the quality of these products and services is of the highest standards, and supports the values and ethos of this website. However, as we have no other relationship with these companies we can not make any guarantees.

In addition to sponsored links, our website hosts Google sponsored ads and links. We do not control Google ads content and in all cases our editorial content is free of any commercial influence.

If you have found a problem with any products or services that have been mentioned on this website, please contact the suppliers direct, as well as informing us if you have ongoing concerns.

Privacy Statement

The information collected on this website through the subscription, enquiry or correspondence forms is neither shared nor sold to third parties.  We do, however, from time to time allow relevant information or offers from third parties to be sent to you as part of our mailings.

If you do not wish to receive future mailings, you may return them with the message “unsubscribe”.  Your name will be promptly removed from our mailing lists.

Giving feedback

Comments and suggestions are welcomed to improve the accuracy of the information and services on this site.  Please click here to go to the site’s feedback form.