• Considerations for Pre-Travel Gap Year Health

    Your Top 10 Considerations…
  • EHIC – European Health Insurance Card

    If you are travelling to continental Europe, you will be required to be in possession of an EHIC Card – European Health Insurance Card. The card must be renewed every five years.  You can renew your EHIC up to six months before the expiry date. Application and renewal is free of charge. 
  • Malaria Lifecycle and How Malaria Spreads

    An excellent pictorial diagram of the lifecycle of the mosquito responsible for the spread of malaria. Provided and reproduced with permission from GlaxoSmithKline.
  • Pre-travel Questionnaire

    A pre-travel health questionnaire to help you have all the right information at hand when you visit your GP Surgery / Travel Clinic for your travel health consultation.
  • Research References

    Our references page lists a bibliography that has been consulted to verify the advice and information provided on this site. In addition all the information is reviewed by an independent panel of travel health professionals.
  • TravelHealth Books

    We have linked with to allow you to order these recommended travel health books online. Simply follow the links below.