Travel Clinic Listings

Travel Clinic Listings

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Listed below are details of some of the Travel Clinics near you.  You can use the search box in the side bar to enter your chosen town or postcode to find a Travel Clinic.

It is good to try to allow at least 6-8 weeks before you travel to attend a clinic for advice but even if you are travelling last minute a visit will still be worth it.

When thinking about what travel vaccinations you might need or looking for a a Travel Clinic it is a good idea to check with your own GP surgery or healthcare clinic first as some vaccines in the UK are available free on the NHS. However while the vaccines might be free not all surgeries will have the expertise or facilities offer travel vacs.

Private Travel Clinic or Pharmacy?

When considering your holiday jabs and malaria tablets – these need to be purchased from a Private Travel Clinic or from your local Pharmacist. Both will have received training to provide the service.  A privately run travel clinic is usually run by nurses or doctors – a private clinic within a pharmacy will be run by the pharmacist.  Both might also be able to provide or recommend retail items for your trip such as suncream, insect repellents or travellers diarrhoea kits.  The list below does not indicate all private clinics in the UK. Your surgery may also be able to recommend a local clinic.

Travel Clinics in Your Area

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