Brand Russell Pharmacy Barnet Travel Clinic

Barnet Travel Clinic 280 East Barnet Road East Barnet EN4 8TD

Barnet Travel Clinic

Barnet Travel Clinic is located on the premises of Brand Russell Pharmacy in Barnet.  It is just 0.7 miles from New Barnet Station which operates regular, fast rail services to Moorgate and Kings Cross Rail Stations in London. There is local parking nearby.

The Travel Clinic is able to provide a full Travel Health service.  The Travel Clinic offers a full range of medicines and vaccinations to protect the traveller and their family. Vaccines include typhoid, hepatitis A, and hepatitis B – and many others.

Offering a Full Range of Travel Essentials and Medications

Barnet Travel Clinic is also provides an excellent range of supporting travel essentials including insect repellents, mosquito nets and fabric treatment kits, rucksacks, first aid kits, sun protection, travel plugs and adaptors.

Medications for common travel ailments are stocked at this travel clinic including travellers Diarrhoea Treatment Kits and rehydration treatments.

Yellow Fever Registered Travel Clinic

Barnet Travel Clinic is a Yellow Fever Registered Travel Clinic and is available for appointments from Monday – Saturday 9.15 am-6 pm.  Appointments can be made by calling the Travel Clinic on 020 8449 0909. A full price list can be viewed on-line.

This clinic is also able to provide and administer a variety of private public health vaccines for both children and adults including Bexcero.