Considerations for Pre-Travel Gap Year Health

  1. Pre-Travel Gap Year Health – You’ve decided on a far flung destination – the first thing you need to do is make an appointment with your Travel Clinic, Pharmacist or Doctor for a Health Check. You will also need to consider what Vaccinations you will need for your trip
  2. Make sure you have the right travel insurance to cover your trip.  Good insurance will include cover for ALL of those activities you are going to take part in.  Check that everything you want to do is covered in the small print.  Sometimes you will need to pay for the extra cover to ensure you are covered for everything.
  3. Preventing Sexual Health problems can occur anywhere so best to be prepared
  4. Think through the Physical Hazards of your trip is essential to ensure you are prepared for all eventualities
  5. Retail Gap Year – Essential buys for the Gap Traveller
  6. Staying healthy through attention to Safe Food and Water
  7. Avoiding trips to the long drop – your guide to Travellers Diarrhoea
  8. Personal Safety and Security
  9. Preventing Malaria
  10. Be prepared for the Psychological issues related to travel

Pre-Travel Gap Year Health if you only have 5 minutes …?

Whether you are planning to travel the world for fun, or intending to work as a volunteer as part of an Aid Agency, you will need to take careful precautions to ensure your continuing health and safety.

Make sure you read our Gap Year Travel Health advice sheet


Note: This information is designed to complement and not replace the relationship that exists with your existing family doctor or travel health professional.  Please discuss your travel health requirements with your regular family doctor or practice nurse.